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I know I smell a rabbit!

More: I did not grow up with a dog and didn’t know what I was missing. I met Titus with his foster dad when he was four months old. I gravitated to that sweet face, knelt down to pet him and he snuggled his head in my hand! I was hooked & in love! Two days later Titus was ours! He is the sweetest, calmest but yet most fun loving and amazing dog! Loves to play, especially with balls every size and texture… as long as they are round! When we are not walking around our neighborhood checking out the geese and deer, we are playing soccer In the back yard. In the summer we go the jersey shore and in the winter we’ll be visiting grandma in Florida! When he looks at you with that serious face his eyes touch your soul! He has become an extension of my husband and I and we are better people for it! Now I understand when people say don’t try so hard to look for a dog, the dog will find you!