The happiest dog in all the land

More: Toby came into my life at just 7-weeks old. I had recently succumbed to new OCD and severe anxiety symptoms. As a result, I was in a very dangerous and painful place both emotionally and mentally. I rescued Toby, but he literally saved my life. He is playful, social, intuitive, loving, goofy, and loyal beyond measure. Wherever I go, Toby is sure to follow. He loves to take a midday nap with me, but is just as happy taking a hike in a new place with all of the best smells. Toby is my best friend, confidant, therapy dog, source of ultimate calm, and partner in crime. He is now 8 1/2 years old, but hasn’t lost one ounce of his pizazz or zest for life. I can never and could never be able to explain in words how much this dog means to me. I love him beyond measure. Our bond is something I have never experienced before, and I will protect and love him until the very end.