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Toby (center); Ophelia (back left); Lucie (back right)

Watch us rock this beach. Album drops 2025.

More: We adopted Toby from Saving Grace Animal Rescue for our daughter who has Down Syndrome. She loves dogs and Saving Grace made special arrangements for our daughter to meet the entire litter at the foster’s house. He pretty much chose our daughter and she named him Toby. Toby is an affable chap who can stop most pedestrian traffic with his remarkable swagger and stunning eyes. We call him our Cedar Island Sand Bear because he loves running free on the Cedar Island, NC beaches. He is pictured with his amazingly kind, energetic, exuberant and equally photogenic cousin dogs, Ophelia and Lucie. Toby lives with his human family, two cats, a bearded dragon, a box turtle, a betta fish, and a terribly handsome German Wirehair Pointer, Harrison Tewksbury (aka, Harry), who unfortunately is not in this picture. I’m a veterinarian, so having pets is an occupational hazard ;) I am passionate about animal health and would love to contribute in any way to aid in funding research for cancer cures and prevention.