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Todd & Bailey

See our smiles? We LOVE the outdoors!

More: Our names are Todd and Bailey and we are the REAL thing.... We go everywhere Dad and Mom go. We love hiking, kayaking, fishing on our boat in NC, trekking the rivers my Dad and Mom travel to. Hi! I’m Mr. Todd. Most Dachsunds don’t like the water but I love to swim. I jump right into the waves! When we go to the beach I dig for China. My Mom and Dad think I’m funny! Hi! I’m Todd’s older sister Bailey and I love to fetch the ball. I can jump in the air and catch it in my mouth! I also get super excited when Dad fly fishes. I watch for the bend in the rod or the bobber/ bait to go down. I KNOW when there’s a fish on the other end! We travel all over the country and use our ORVIS travel bag to carry our food, toys and other necessities. Recently Dad and Mom purchased the ORVIS vest with handles to use when he puts me in our 4-runner. It’s a bit of a jump for me now that I’m getting older. It works great. Our favorite Orvis store is in Jackson, MS near where Dad works. The employees there make such a fuss over us! I’m not sure who loves going there more.... our Dad or us. Hope to see you one day when we’re out on an adventure!