Trixie Marie

Let's play!

More: Trixie Marie was found wandering on a busy road. I brought her to all of the surrounding homes, contacted local vets and posted her pic on social media, no one claimed her. It was obvious she had just recently been weened some pups, she was very sad and nervous. She is very cute, but had alot of issues, so I wasn't sure she would get adopted if I turned her in to the local kill shelter. We decided not to break her heart again and brought her into our 4 beagle pack we had at home. She is fitting in quite nicely, she still has issues, one of which is traveling in vehicles, which has been a challenge because we travel alot in our motorhome, she doesn't care for car rides either, We are working on that, its a slow process but we are confident she will get over her fears. Until then we give her all the lovins, good food, lots of play time (which she loves) and warm bed to sleep in(with us, under the covers, lol) she is a sweet loving little girl and I wouldn't trade her for nothing!