Truman stoically enjoying the front porch, thinking about life and treats.

More: Despite this serious snap, Truman is an all-energy still-puppy 6-year-old beagle/blue heeler. We love his sweet and fun personality, willingness for adventure, and how he’s never met a stranger he can’t lick and turn into a friend. Since we have no cattle to herd in our subdivision, Truman likes to make sure the family sticks together, nipping our heels when he has to get us in the same room! He loves jobs and in addition to sit, shake, and hi-five, his best trick is to carry a screwdriver down to dad when he works in the basement. Truman is a true mama’s boy; he spends most of his summers at home with his teacher mom, who enjoys breaks from school with cuddles and walks with her beagle boy. This is one loved fur-baby!