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I love the smell of birds and jumping in the water!

More: Tuck is a pandemic puppy! We adopted him in April 2020 when he was 4 months old. Or should I say he adopted us! He’s a spirited and loving puppy like most Brittanies. He has a a very fun personality and is very “mouthy.” He definitely lets us know what he wants by jawing at us constantly. He LOVES the outdoors and is very happy running around in our fenced rear yard tracking birds and chipmunks. He’s super smart and was easily trained for walking on a leash, etc. his bird hunting training is progressing but he hasn’t actually hunted yet because of the pandemic and my husbands bad back. However he’s a born flusher and retriever. He goes on point and holds until he’s released and he will receive a ball or training dummy for hours before tiring. He’s the perfect Orvis dog right down to his chocolate milk mustache