Rescue of a Failed Hunter

More: Hounds of many typres are bred in the South to run in packs. Very often these hounds fail at their imposed duty or are set free as they don't meet their handlers demands. That's how thousands of hounds end up in shelters throughout the South. Tucker is from Arkansas, a "houdini" at escape and rescued by the AHS brought to Golden Valley Animal Shelter. Challenging, stubborn, was never allowed inside, lived an outdoor kennel existence. Imagine the heat conditions? He was in a shelter in Arkansas for two years before being transported to MN when I adopted him. Imagine that life? Excruciating heat, bugs, dirt, only covering for shelter. That's why the AHS transports these dogs - who are the highest return rate to shelters due to their very nature. He's an extraordinary dog - powerful, commanding, loyal and my protector as much as I now protect him. www.GrayHeart.com