I love this couch!

More: I have this special talent to howl to Rocket Man song every time I hear it and howl when I hear a verse sung ! Am gentle big boy and love to do everything except baths. That’s not fun! I sprained my knee last April so I eat 3 special supplements now to help me be stay strong thanks to my parents. I love to open presents it’s so much fun! I even open other peoples presents so mom and dad keep these kind up high where I can’t get them haha! My nite nite treats are a must. I will wait for them ... then I will go to bed haha. Im the luckiest dog being adopted in 2011 by my mommy and daddy who treat me like their baby because I am, A blessed Furry child. I hope other dogs get adopted too with the same immense love and care I get. I woof you all!! 🐾🐾❤️