Tucker aka Tuck. Diezal Dog aka Big D

Here we come mom....

More: Both of these beautiful boys were rescues. Tucker was alone on the side of a highway, teeth just breaking through, Big D was from an animal shelter. Tuckers first adventure two days after I found him was hunting camp. We learned early on he is a great Bear alert dog. He loves hearding horses, people too. Playing fetch, Frisbee, anything retrievable is his all time favorite. He can even jump through a hila hoop. Big D joined Tuck and I in 2019 as my son had to travel for work. Hew was a handful at first, with lots of love, time and patience, he has become an amazing pup. These boys love to hunt, fish, pier jump, herd, talk, play fetch, and show affection. Big D loves jumping through water circles with the hose and being in the water, Big D plays like he is 2yrs old. These boys hands down are truly rhe perfect example of man's best friend.