Tucker and Swiftly

Two Peas in a Pod

More: Meet Tucker and Swiftly; two peas in a pod, partners in crime, and the best of friends. While they don't actually live together, these two are inseparable! Swiftly is my parent's dog, and Tucker is mine and my husband's. Although, "doggy daycare" has become my parent's house where the dogs typically play almost every day together. Not a fan of him at first (she wanted to be the only dog in our lives!), Swiftly eventually found a lifelong friend in Tuck. Pretty skittish at times, Tucker lives life more confidently with the "monkey see, monkey do" method and by following Swift's lead. An unexpected but wonderful gift has been seeing how much these two get along and love each other. We wouldn't trade our two "Triangle Heads" (how we refer to our labs) for anything.