Tucker Eugene (Tuck) for short

Im just a Big Dog in a little Dogs Body!

More: I’m not ordinary! I’m a COVID dog that was bought as a gift for my dads girlfriend, she’s a KU dancer so I lived with a lot of pretty girls. When COVID hit my mom and dad couldn’t live where they were so they as my grandma if she could keep me. I was so little I didn’t know what was happening but let’s just say Grandma spoiled me rotten and it’s been a crazy ride. Covid has kept me away from any other people or many dogs and therefore I struggle really bad with social anxiety. I pretty much fear anything but my grandma and people I know. I love to hunt deer antlers and golf balls , swim at the lake and drive around looking for other dogs so I can act vicious!! Everyone things I’m vicious because of my growl but I’m just scared. Life hasn’t been easy for me and therefore I’m very relatable. My grandma let me get to know a pretty girl that struggles with anxiety and let’s just say we’ve helped each other a lot. I’m so fun and so playful and know lots of tricks!! My favorite thing to do though is eat and play golf! That’s enough about me. I’m kind of crazy but I sure make my Grandma happy. She says it’s fate I think she’s right. Ohhhh I also have Instagram