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More: Tuffy was a resue dog from Judys resue . He lived to be 15 before he crossed the rainbow bridge. He liked very much to flatten tires I miss him biting mine it always cost me a new tire but it was worth it . I miss in so I used to take him for rides in suv to all the parks I could even took him to ocean always gave his bath there after walking in the sand . He also enjoyed opening Christmas presents and he loved playing hide and seek we used to tear down my curtains all over the house he also would not let anyone hug his mommy or Daddy he would bite you in the shins so anyone wanting a hug had one when Tuffy wasnt around .He kept us laughing at things he did when we walked him together you couldn’t get out of line I came to a hop scotch got out of line and he was right after me to get in line . I have had a lot of dogs in my life but Tuffy was very special and it is heart ache . I have a print of his paw on ceramic with his name on it a heartful menory