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Who me?

More: Tulip is the little Westie girl who likes to terrorize her big brother Corky, our Golden Retriever. She looks innocent enough, but she is a master at tackling his legs. And she is one fast little girl- she can snatch your socks and hide them before you can blink! But as much as she likes to terrorize her brother, she also loves him to bits! She loves to lick his head, and snuggle right with him- even if it's a tight fit on a small chair! Tulip also likes to chase tennis balls with Corky- though she's not much for retrieving them (at least not yet!). Tulip loves to be held, and pet, and can be a real charmer- though watch out if she barks when you're holding her- she has an ear-piercing bark that could shatter glass! But she is a cutie!