Hurry up folks, we've got some exploring to do here today. I'll drive!

More: Turbo (his name is ironic bc he is the opposite of fast) is a unique fella. He is so handsome and kinda knows it. Some people actually think he looks like a cross between Rod Stewart & Suzanne Sommers (lol). He is a big giant teddy bear, gentle giant, who loves exploring anytime and anywhere. He does not like to miss out on hikes, trekking 4 wheeling or just plain riding in the car. If you take him to McDonalds his order is a kids cheeseburger meal hold the pickles and onions. He is an incredible companion in every way. Bonus: He loves to fly in airplanes (I have pics of him flying too) and even looks out the window for possible deer or kitty sightings. Haha. He has Facebook but not Twitter or Insta. He is TurboPie Armstrong on Facebook.