Wallie Shark

More: Wallie came to me as a foster dog on 12/23/2014. He was emaciated and very sick. About a month into fostering Wallie he got very sick and was dying. I took him to emergency and he was diagnosed with a severe diaphragmatic hernia and needed immediate surgery. Turns out they believe Wallie had been hit by a car. He has a broken leg that healed wrong, his diaphragm is weak even from his repairs (his lives has now actually grown through his diaphragm but it’s too dangerous to do another surgery) and he is blind in one eye. Wallie is the perfect example of a survivor. He is happy and likes to stay busy. He loves being outdoors, going on hikes, and canoe rides. He’s an adventurous boy and he is my very best friend in the world. Wallie has been through so much in his life and this would be amazing if he won this contest!