Basking in warm sunshile for a moment in time.

More: Wesson is a rescue 7 yrs ago. He came to us at 4 months old along with a bit of baggage. We told him he could stay with us no matter what. Wess has turned into the best buddy and good friend. He loves the outdoors and swimming in ice cold Lake Superior. He can also be a couch potato when the weather is -20F. Wess could also be called a therapy dog. Jim, my husband, became chronically ill and passed away couple years ago. Wess went everywhere with Jim, followed him outdoors and whatever he was doing, Wess' head was in the middle. Wess was at Jim's side as he passed and truely loved him and grieved. Dear Wess became severely ill with Copper Storage disease a few months later. Our Veterinarian diagnosed him and months of trial and error found my Wess doing well. I had said from the start, he has an old soul. He is my buddy.