Training session in Kansas

More: Wesson has been a hunting guide dog, has championship points in NSTRA, & titled in AKC. He has hunted pheasant, quail, chukar, dove, & ducks. What makes him special is how easily he can alter range to hunt all of these species well. You can hunt him off foot, machine, or horseback. He's been all over the US traveling to horse shows with me. Driven thousands of miles in my passenger seat listening to car karaoke. Loves hamburgers but hates the pickles (& will spit them out). He is the best companion. Funny, energetic, smart, cuddly. There is never a dull moment when he's around. He lives for retrieving & swimming, but his favorite pasttime is squirrel watching out the window. He's the epitome of a "velcro dog" - if you kick him outside he'll just wait by the door for you. He follows you everywhere in the house. I haven't used the bathroom alone in nearly a decade! He knows the sound of my alarm & comes running to say good morning. He's been one of the biggest blessings in my life. Not much beats a great dog by your side.