I don’t always drink my water but when I do I feel better.... stay thirsty my friends

More: Willow was found a few days after Christmas 2017 after 11:00 pm on the side of a rural road on the coldest night of the year in Owasso, OK. The vet guessed she was 6 weeks old. She was Full of worms. We already had a Sr dog named Benji who had cancer and wore a diaper and didn’t have much life left. We agreed to let my daughter keep the puppy because her father passed away from Cancer 11/27 (4 weeks before we found Willow) that year and we thought she would help my daughter with her grief. She did. When Willow became our dog Benjis sister, we fully believe she extended Benjis life. Benji started playing again and seemed healthier than he had been for a year. Willow laid by Benji without moving much the day Benji passed away which she had never really done before. We took several pictures because it was just so loving. This little girl gave love to my daughter and Benji at the worst possible time for both. We love her with a love greater than love.