Don't let my innocent face fool you

More: The picture of Willow is when she was only 4 months old. She was rescued from a animal rescue in North Dakota. Her pregnant mother was abandoned along with 14 other purebred setters and pointers. Willow and her siblings were born shortly after that. Willow has been an interesting dog to say the least. She is what we call "special". She does not like much attention or cuddles and only likes to be pet on her back end, never on her head. She has a very short attention span. Although she is a hunting breed she was never formally trained, but constantly stocks robins and any other birds in our yard, along with the deer that frequent our yard. She has brought much joy to our lives, just with her happy demeanor. She never gets upset at anyone or anything. If the cats pick on her, she just gets up and walks away from them. She is an all around happy dog.