Think this is cute enough to get me a slice of pizza AND a donut today😂🍩🍕☕️….

More: Willow came into my dad’s life when he was losing my mom to Progressive SuprraNuclear Palsy. The day my mom passed Willow sat with her head on her hand. She is just a very old, kind soul. When she first came she had obviously not been fed or treated properly by my nieces former roommates. My dad wouldn’t allow Willow to return to such conditions & Willow aka Willie has been his best friend and true life saver ever since. Willie has come out of her shell & she is the reason my dad gets out of bed every day. Every morning they go get coffee & pizza & then head to the park the play. Then head home in the jeep & eat their donuts from earlier. Where he goes, she goes. They have saved each other. She is the gentle giant that I can’t imagine not knowing. She has an unspoken kindness (especially with anyone who is “different”) & she is always there to support & remind that you’re not alone. All 75 plus pounds of her! I can’t imagine where my dad would be without Willie, but I imagine he’d be absolutely lost & vice versus.