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Winnifred Rosebud (Winnie)

I just went on a long hike with my family in the Asheville mountains and I need a nap in my favorite chair

More: I, Winnie, am absolutely adored and beloved by my mama and daddy and my grandmama and Papa. In fact, they are all wrapped around my little paws! I get presents and beds and toys from Orvis that I love. I was trained to be an emotional support animal for my mama who has Lyme Disease and I help her every hour and every day but the truth is I need her as much as she needs me! I know just how to whine to get extra treats from Papa and I know just how to look at my mama to get extra snuggles and cuddles. I am so attached to my mama, for her sake, of course, that I never leave her side and always have to be touching her. Grandma is the best at making me gourmet meals, rubbing my tummy (which is one of my favorite things) and taking care of me when my mama and daddy can’t be there. I get very scared when there are boom booms when it rains and thunders and I have my daddy and Papa to protect me. I just love eating their faces! Whenever I don’t see one of my peoples for any length of time whether it’s an hour or two days I get so excited when I do see them that I can’t help myself but to piddle and wag my tail so hard that it hits me in the eyes and wiggle so hard that I make everybody so happy. I love my family so much, and they love me so much and I could never live without them.