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Can I have another cookie Daddy?

More: Winston is our 27 lb. ball of fire! We've been dog parents for many years and Winston is the worst kid we've ever had lol. Examples? He sits on the arm of the couch and goes crazy when a squirrel dares to come into the yard, slobbering up the window with his spit, barking like a fool. Once he calms down he'll let out a loud fart next to your head, which completes him. When he's thirsty hell gobble down a whole bowl of water, then walk into the room and regurgitate it in 2 spots on your oriental wool area carpet. Winston goes bonkers when other dogs walk by our house, barking like crazy and running from window to window, scratching up the woodwork and spraying windows with his spit. I think he just wants to make friends with the other dogs but his approach is not refined! Recently he destroyed the neighbors chain link fence in the back yard by constantly pulling on it with his teeth until the hole was big enough for him to sneak under, finally escaping to our neighbors fenced yard where he terrorized a squirrel. He may be a bit terrible but we do love him! He loves his rides in the truck with daddy, sitting on the center console, alert, watching the road and any dog walkers are just a bonus. One of Winston's favorite activities is tug-of-war with one of his shredded toys. Winston often wakes us up when we have about 4 hrs of sleep because he is lonely for his hoomans. Although frustrated and exhausted, you are met with a spit covered toy hanging out of his mouth in the wee hours and he is ready to play his tug game with you. Winston came from a farm in rural Connecticut where the breeder kept the pups outside in a shed. My wife and I looked at our purchase of Winston as a really expensive rescue, from conditions which could be considered cruel. Unfortunately we all know there are breeders out there that shouldn't have children (6 of them) let alone a litter of pups. Winstons 1 hour trip home was on my wife's lap, wrapped in a blanket, shivering from the cold conditions and nervous. The first vets appointment discovered worms which we quickly had treated and informed the breeder. Since then Winston has grown to be a scrappy little bulldog with a bigger than life personality, bringing smiles to most anyone he jumps all over! Winston has his own branded bumper stickers and if he is selected we'll secretly plant them around the Orvis Store :)