No Mom, I have not been digging in the mud.

More: Winston was very ill when we got him at 8 weeks old. He had Lymes disease and was malnourished. He is now an adult and weighs 124 lbs. He is a furry bundle of love and one of the most intelligent dogs we have ever had. He was potty broke within 2 days and immediately goes on command. He watches everything I do. He will get in the shower by just seeing me get out his bath towels. He knows clock time for his breakfast and supper and will remind you, if you are 5 minutes late. When taking him to the vet, the staff always compliments about how well behaved he is. In fact, if the staff says the word weighing scale, he gets on it immediately, or if staff says, we are going to draw blood, he lifts his front leg. I do not know how he remembers that when only sees vet a couple times per year.