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Champion Cuddler

More: On October 26, 2021 I found Winston and his brother in a hoarders situation that I was asked to help with. Winston and his brother were dying, amaciated, manged with no fur, dehydrated, and critically ill with diarrhea and various bleeding wounds. I convinced the owner to surrender the dogs to me as I was also there as a nurse to help him get connected with a social worker. At that time I had a 15 year old Yellow Labrador and my rescue pit bull Harlow. My hands were full and I did not know what I was going to do with 4 large dogs in my small 2 bedroom home, working full time as an RN. But I couldn’t leave them there to die. After getting them medical care and several vet visits thereafter, Winston and his brother Quentin were thriving, happy, and healthy. Unfortunately, in May 26, 2022 I had to put my sweet 15 year old Labrador, JP, to rest. Winston came onto my lap and put his paw in my hand as if he knew I needed his comfort. That day I stopped searching for rescues and fosters for him and his brother, Quentin. They both fill my heart with limitless love and watch over their big sister, Harlow, in harmony. It was meant to be. They had a rough start to their lives but now are spoiled bundles of joy. This is dedicated to all the “underdogs” and to my late JP (Jean Pierre) who loved Orvis! PS Winston & siblings will be launching their IG account on Valentine’s Day. <3