Let’s play ball

More: Wyatt is a very smart, active dog and is obsessed with his ball. He always needs something to do. He’s great finding girls or kids on the beach to play ball with, lol dad taught him that. He will go in front of them and drop his ball, then he’ll back up and stare at it until you throw it. He can do this all day too! He will play toss with you by nudging the ball towards you with his nose, then you roll it back. This game goes on for a while until you stop playing, he’ll look at you and nudge the ball under something so you have to get up and get it for him and if you sit back down he’ll do it again and just stare at the ball until you get up and get it or he’ll start to whimper or come stare at you until you get it for him. Once he realizes you’re done he’ll go lay down. Lol