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Love our Public Lands

More: Zia is my little partner in crime. From a pup she has no idea what strangers are and will go up to anyone to say hi! She adores children! And will say no to any food. Be careful when you say frisbee, ball or bacon, because she will become a whole new dog. Like many aussies she is a natural born twerker, and hypnotizes people with her wiggle butt. Her hips don't lie! She loves hiking, going for trail runs, and exploring new places. She can find an antler almost anywhere in the forest and loves tagging along for morel mushroom hunting and huckleberry picking. Swimming became her new hobby and now I can't get her away from water. She enjoys tagging along to social events where she can meet new people and pets. She has a sense of knowing when something is wrong and will always be there by your side to make you happy. For only being 2 years old she is the most obedient, calmest, sweetest, and kind hearted dog I've ever owned. She is definitely one of a kind and I couldn't ask for a better companion.