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Ziggy Stardust

The outdoors is calling my name

More: Hi I'm Ziggy, and I'm the best dog in the world! I love running in circles in the backyard. I have a favorite tennis ball and I love chasing it; I can bring it back to my parents over 10 times nonstop! I have lots of energy... I'm always exploring when my parents and I go hiking. When other dogs walk by me, I just sit and stare at them instead of bark. I think I'm trying to observe them and see if they could be my friend. I'm usually cautious of other dogs, but I do get along with everyone, especially humans. When it's bed time, I like to sleep under the bed. In the mornings, I somehow find myself laying on my side in between my parents. When they notice me, I turn over to my back and have them rub my belly. I would say, life is pretty good! That's me, Ziggy!