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Zoe's first overnight at a VRBO

More: I adopted Zoe 2 years ago from a rescue here in Arizona. She had been found just the week before in a very rural area by an electrical lineman. He found her near dead in an irrigation ditch, keeping herself alive in the water. She was totally emaciated; you could see every rib. She had tapeworms and two broken teeth. Her fur was so matted they had to shear her like a sheep. She came right up to me at the rescue and put her head on my knee and looked up at me with her one big blue eye and it was love at first sight. I put 20 pounds on her and the veterinarian took care of her issues and she blossomed into the most beautiful, loving, intelligent, healthy, sweet dog you could ever hope for. Zoe is a lover; the most affectionate dog I have ever known. I am extremely thankful to have her in my life.