Zoey The Adorable

More: She is a vivacious happy puppy who is well loved. Her best friend is a Rottweiler named Lady who is her partner in mischief. They are always involved in playful antics searching out the house cat Mia who is a Siamese cat with a diva personality of her own. Zoey loves trips outside playing with her best friend and partner Lady, she is always ready to bug 🐛 hunt in the yard or look for a squirrel 🐿 to chase up a tree. She is such a adorable and loving puppy, always ready to snuggle and cuddle with my husband and I in the chair, couch, or at the end of the bed by your feet. She just loves to snuggle up in a blanket like most Datsun tend to do. She is a nice and lovable companion at all times