What’s on my nose?

More: Biscuits is full of energy! She loves to play hide n seek with her Best friend Shaq “the Cat” and She Adores her older adopted Labrador siblings as well. Tiny stuffed Toys are her weakness!! She has to have dozens of them. Biscuits loves to swim, run in the sand at the beach, chase squirrels, eat peanut butter during baths, bite bubbles and nap in baskets (sometimes in laundry). Biscuits prefers to snuggle right up against you but under the cover. No matter what, she also prefers company. Don’t dare try to use the restroom without her, she will screech at you through the door until you are forced to open it. Biscuits also loves to go on car rides in hopes she will get a snack at a drive thru & meet new friends. Oh, and not to forget.. Biscuits loves doggy “Biscuits” 🦴