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Always Faithful Samson

Working dog enjoying his job

More: Samson-my soul dog. We ran cross country trails/did everything together. My faithful companion and personal protector- from snakes, fires and a man on drugs who aggressively approached me. He loved sport training, trail running , and meeting new people everywhere we went. He trained himself to sit for kids in parks when they came up to us and politely would move off the trails for others. He would run up to us barking and wave his muzzle to ‘come on’, when he was telling on a dog or person who was misbehaving. He knew when someone was distressed, would approach them, nudge them and bring comfort. A great therapy dog for my husband and I when going through hard times. He loved to play, turned everything into a game, would throw his toys into people’s laps to initiate play. The vet clinic called him Mr. Personality. We lost him after his sad battle with prostrate cancer. The last few months he was bed ridden from neuropathy in one leg but he would still crawl to me to put his head in my lap. I dragged him on a mat in and out of the house when he couldn’t get up easily anymore. We hung on until I asked him what does he want? That night he kept barking at me. I rushed to him over and over- the next day I knew it was time. We laid him to rest with his head in my lap and my arms wrapped around his neck while talking to him while the vet let him go peacefully. My heart has been broken from Samson’s horrible wasting away from cancer. I will never forget my working Buddy who learned everything I trained him to do! Samson will always keep a special place in our hearts.