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Family Man

More: This is Angus— he passed away just before this thanksgiving and we all miss him very much. He was the best house greeting, frisbee catching, stick collecting, and vacuum cleaning dog there was. He befriended Spenser a greyhound that doesn’t get along with dogs when he and his grandmother moved in. He had the nick name liquor because he would lick you, mostly me, a lot! He taught me that even when life is rough, pun intended, you can always buddy up next to your best friend and figure it out tomorrow or at least forget about “it” for a little while. He loved his family very much and was there for then until the very end. He wasn’t a support dog but, he supported me through good times and bad; just as I supported him when he came home to us after being rescued from a hoarding situation and a previous adoption experience. He was my first dog ever at the age of 21 and I never knew until he came home to us what a positive effect a dog can have on your life. I’ll miss him very much and will remember what he thought me when I raise another dog someday.