Archie Bear

Forever Best Friend

More: Archie loves to snuggle, loves baths and blow drying. absolutely loves everyone. He is very well behaved. We have known him and feel in love with him since he was 2 weeks old. We had a cocker spaniel.. he passed away a few months ago . We let our daughter become friend with a lot of dogs and puppies with a local breeder/ groomer to help heal her broken heart, little did she know she was actually because friends with her forever Best Friend.. She didn’t know Archie was ours until we went for a visit and it was time for him to go home with his forever family.. I handed her the collar and told her we were his forever family .. She cried with happy tears, Charlea is only 7 so this was a very good was to introduce a new member of our family .. we didn’t want Archie to be a replacement, we wanted him to be our best friend , our little boy 💙