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Sugarcoated collie

More: Augustus was diagnosed in October with lymphoma. He is currently under the care of the oncology team at the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine. Finding a treatment plan has been difficult as the mutant collie gene which is often found in collies makes them sensitive to the negative effects of certain medications. Augustus is super special but just to us but MANY elderly residents in our town because he visits nearly every nursing homes in Champaign at Easter. The residents always smile and stroke his fur and say, “I had a collie when I was young.” Rarely does someone see him and not comment on how handsome he is. We have even had a semi driver yell out the window, “That’s what a collie is supposed to look like! He’s beautiful!!” He is a power leaner on your knee. Which is his way of hugging and he claws at your feet for you to pet him. We are crushed that he will leave us sooner rather than later and know everyone who has met him feels the same.