Baby E (Ian)

Baby E meets the outside world

More: Baby E is a survivor. He was born with an extremely large cleft palate. The vets didn’t give him any chance of surviving past 4-6 weeks of age. I was urged to euthanize him but I knew he wanted to live and with love and proper care- I was determined to give him a fighting g chance. I rescued him when he was 1 day old and smaller than a BIC lighter and the length of a tube of chapstick. I give fed him for 6-7 months and taught him to drink water safely using a rabbit waterer. He is a miracle dog and beat all the odds. He is now 8 years old and thriving and is the silliest, sweetest and most loyal companion. Well worth all of the sacrifices and lost sleep saving him and I’d do it all over again. THIS PHOTO was Baby E’s first experience with the outside world. He was so happy and smelling all of the new smells and enjoying this new adventure on this day. The photo is one of my favorites of him and reminds me just how far he has come. Read more about Baby E here: