Lucky lady

More: I adopted Bailey and when I met her I wasn’t exactly sure what I was getting into. I knew some dogs take more time to adjust than others. But, from the moment I met her I knew she and I were meant to find one another. She ran right to me and gladly got into my car, and let me hold her our whole way home. At first she was afraid of being alone, walking on leashes, and any loud noises. She didn’t seem to understand people going upstairs, or that we’d come back. She’d bark at strange noises and everything seemed completely new to her. With a lot of love and time, she settled into her new home. I quickly realized that her happiest place is in wide open nature. She has learned how to be comfortable on busy streets, but nothing makes her happier than being outside with me. She will trot ahead and then wait for me to catch up. This picture is of those marvelous moments where she looks back at me like I’m her absolute favorite person in the world. I rescued her on St. Patrick’s day right before quarantine, and I think she rescued me far more than I rescued her. She’s the perfect little lady and my dream dog. It was the luck of the Irish that I found her and that she found me.