Barley Caddo

Clear eyes, big ears, can’t loose

More: My name is barley and my parents rescued me from a kill shelter where my mom was pregnant with me and my 9 brothers and sisters. I live a pretty plush life some mutts would say but it’s the way I like it. My dad loves hunting and my mom loves to watch on the sidelines. I haven’t been brought up to hunt but I sure don’t mind the noise of being around guns. In fact I remain pretty calm compared to my brother and sister. One fun fact about me is that I absolutely love sticks! Seriously sticks are my favorite thing in the whole wide world. Mom and dad don’t always let me bring them inside but I’ve realized that if I carry a stick long enough on our walks they feel bad and let me bring it in. So I carry my sticks for miles because that’s how much I love them. Anyways I’m a pretty cool dog and would make all the hounds howl if I were made the next Orvis cover dog.