Bentley loves Florida!❤️

More: I saw Bentley curled up on the concrete embankment of a bridge on my way to work in Memphis, Tennessee, on a cold day in March 2017. My husband went to check on him and brought him directly to our vet. He had been hit by a car and his hind legs were both broken. He was so grateful and loving after his surgeries and never whined or made a sound for several weeks. Although we had 5 cats, he was destined to join our family. We named him Bentley and promised him he would have the Rolls Royce life and never want for shelter, food or medicine ever again. Against all odds he recovered completely and blossomed into the beautiful dog he is today. We moved to Florida in 2019 and hope the climate here will be easier on him as he ages with the pins and plate he has in his legs. We didn’t know we needed him, but God did.❤️