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Blue, or Blue-Boo, Boo-Boo, or Boo

She sitting mighty proud! She went to TSC today to the dog wash station for the first time and behaved perfectly. After wards she was on best behavior and made friends with everyone in the store! She was rewarded by getting to pick out a new toy. She chose a stupid one I thought, so I tried showing her others. No luck! We came home with a dorky chicken that honks when you squèze it! Ha, ha! She loves it. I cant here my TV! Only that obnovious, loud honk! She deserved it though, she was a perfect angel and made me proud!

More: I've had her since birth from her mama's litter I still own. I used to let all the pups out to play everyday, but she didn't want to. She just wanted me to snuggle her and still does so I guess that means she picked me out. She likes to hunt though. She has been catching and eating birds since 6 wks of age. She has been my easiest puppy to raise that I've ever had!!! GO BOO-BOO! You got this!