So many smells and so little time. Love my life.

More: He’s brave , loyal, funny and loves to explore the outdoors. Adopted when he was 2 , no previous interaction, Covid pick up protocol in parking lot in NH. He’s a jewel and we adore him. As smelly and dirty as he gets. He patiently lets us clean him. A doc’s dream patient. No resistance to shots or care. Say the work OUT and he’s ready. He rides beautifully in our SUV. Just chilling and living life. He made our lives better. In the woods I say “lead the way boss” and off he goes. Never letting me get too far out of sight. My protector. We are active people and we believe we owe him, not just a walk around our town but real hikes and adventures. We have learned how beautiful nature is becuz of Bodie. He’s a very special dog. He has caught baby bunnies , releases on command, bunny hops away. He scares coyotes away. And we are so lucky he is ours to enjoy and be part of our family. We are grateful so very blessed.