Bowser Saleum


More: Bowser has been through a lot this year already. Bowser lost his two brothers, Baxter and Boomer, in less than a week in March 2021 due to intentional poisoning. Bowser was hospitalized for nearly a week in critical condition. He fought to overcome and he made it-- with the help of the BluePearl team in Arden Hills, MN. His owners worked very hard with the local police to try and find the person responsible for murdering half their family. Unfortunately, the case is cold at this time. You can read the news story here: Whereas Bowser is home and feeling better, he still looks around the house for his brothers. The week after Bowser came home, his dad, Kevin, was admitted to the hospital as he battled severe COVID-19 symptoms. Kevin just came home two days ago and was greeted by a very excited boy who offered lots of kisses and tail wags. (We have plenty of other photos if your team needs something with a higher resolution.)