Brèagha (BREE-ah)

Eye On The Prize

More: Brèagha the Deerhound is beautiful, loyal, and always up for any adventure. “As a companion he may be equaled, but certainly not surpassed. He is gentle, quiet, obedient, and sensible, most affectionate, and also very faithful, never forgetting those who have at any time been kind to him. No one, I think, can deny his beauty. Built for speed, with graceful neck, sloping, well-placed shoulders, deep chested, with plenty of heart room, well spring ribs, sloping hindquarter, with lengthy stifle, straight legs, and round, compact feet, head well put on and, above all, the wonderful eye. Dark hazel, and set obliquely in the tapering head, in that eye is a world of expression: gentle, appealing, almost pathetic in repose; how alert, keen, and far-seeing when roused.“ --- Croxton Smith, Everyman’s Book of the Dog, 1910. This energetic girl eats Purina Pro Plan SS&S every day.