21st (3rd) Birthday Party in Nantucket - Nobadeer Beach

More: He is so gorgeous and well trained, I don't want to keep him cute face all to myself and would love to share it with the world. I have endless pictures of him - many are available on my instagram if youd like to see more. Charlie is a rescue from Hurricane Maria. Since adopting him I have fallen in love with rescuing dogs from Puerto Rico and we have returned 4 times to fly other dogs back to New England to join their forever families while also doing on the ground rescue work on island. (Kittens too, one that we kept home with us and Charlies little brother "Reginald") Charlie and I will continue this rescue work for many years to come. He also loves swimming and hiking and we are currently working on getting to the summit of all the 4,000 foot peaks in the White Mountains. He is my perfect angel!