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Land Shark

More: Chubbers (a.k.a. Chunky) is a true Champion. His appetite for treats, adventure, travel, the outdoors & ALL his lady friends got the best of him in his senior years. He ballooned to 105 lbs and couldn’t do all that he loves so much. Instead of throwing in the towel…he moved to Florida and he entered the ring! Chubbers went on a strict diet, started out on small walks which turned into long treks, eventually dropping to a healthy 88 lbs! He now loves showing off his new bod to all his friends on the beach and even swimming in the ocean! In true Chubbers “go big or go home” style, he’s hoping to take up yachting, fly fishing in Montana or even a weekend retreat to a snowy cabin up North to promote his new book “From Chunk to Hunk in 30 days!”