Cleo (Cleopatra)

"What do you mean we can't play fetch with a croquet ball?"

More: Cleo is miffed that she has not seen a standard poodle featured in your catalog. She says, "Don't they know I'm an athlete? As a standard poodle, I'm bred to be a retriever, and I will play fetch to exhaustion. (That is, my person's exhaustion--I never get tired!) Plus, I can run faster and leap higher than any lab or golden. Want me to prove it?" Cleo has a good sense of humor, which is why she stole the croquet ball when she realized we were not going to throw it for her to retrieve. No matter how many people are out in the yard, she'll make sure everyone gets a turn at throwing the ball. She is truly a delightful companion and sees every human and dog as a potential playmate.