I want to play!

More: I’m entering Coco posthumously. When we adopted her, she was full of mammary tumors, one of which turned out to be extreskeletal carcinoma, an aggressive cancer and was given 3 months to live. We had the tumor removed and opted on fighting the cancer with chemo. It bought her a few more months of life. She finally lost her battle on Thanksgiving 2020. She brought more joy to us in her short life than could ever be imagined. She loved to play and would get her toys eagerly right up until the end. One of which she is pictured with. She was a strong girl and the love of my life. I’m entering this contest not tnecessarily to win, but to bring mammary cancer awareness to pet owners. If you have a female, don’t wait to have her spayed. Coco would still be with us if her previous “owners” had done just that.