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Life’s Been Good To Me

More: Colt passed from cancer (hemangiosarcoma) on the day this photo was taken (March 2, 2022). Our buddy was loving and good natured; tail-wagging right up until the end, despite cancer having metastasized to his liver and lungs. He was the quintessential retriever, always ready with a ball or frisbee, to entertain, play and wrestle. Colt’s morning ritual was to grab dirty socks from the closet floor and parade around the house, being praised for his ability to carry many items from a single scoop. Colt’s nickname was Upside Down Dog - he loved to spend hours on his back balancing toys between his paws, whether in front of the fireplace or on top of a snow bank. Colt was also known as the “male model” for his regally photogenic poses and beautiful blonde coat, a true calendar pin up dog. Please continue the fight against canine cancer by supporting Orvis and the Morris Animal Foundation and casting your VOTE FOR COLT!