On Top of the World

More: My husband visited our local shelter "just to take a look." Classic. Andrew fell instantly in love with one scrawny dog with big brown eyes, and dubbed his new pup "Copper" after a river in his home state of Alaska. Copper was a little anxious as a rescue puppy, but he was completely comforted by Andrew's presence. The two went hiking and biking together, and as Copper got more confident, he even started swimming and cliff-jumping at the nearby lake. Anywhere Andrew went, Copper was not far behind (literally - his cattle dog instincts are strong and he's never more than 6 inches from your heels!) Since adopting Copper, we've rescued another dog and a cat. He's been the best big brother to both of them. For as energetic as he is, he's also a huge cuddlebug and spends his days making everyone fall completely in love with him.