Copper, but I call him Boo-boo.

See, I made this bed from your packing blanket.

More: I found Copper online at the Carolina Poodle Rescue Kennel. They had found him wandering a rural road near the kennel and, although they posted notices and ads in area publications, no one claimed him. After two years, I found him during an online search and, after an exhaustive adoption process, drove 200 miles into the hills of South Carolina to retrieve him. He possesses indefatigable energy and can be rambunctious on his daily walks, but at night, he jumps on the couch next to me and affectionately lays his head in my lap. I have better photos, but this was the first cell phone photo that I made of him upon returning to Georgia from the kennel where I'd found him. I doubt he has ever even seen a coon.